¡¡¡¡The predecessor of our company is Wenzhou state-run plastic molding processing plant. In the domestic counterpart, we have the longest history and the output is the heaviest, assortment is the most, quality is the best. Be reformed system in 2003, recombinant the share-issuing enterprise established £¬our new company besides keeping a great deal of advantages of former enterprise , acquire domestic most advanced Large-scale molding plastics machine and blow molding the shaping equipment which could crowd and mould also £¬we have introduced the outstanding technician, technology and research ability improve further, meanwhile norm of the management of company, Its leading product has HDPE fishing cases, fishing basket, freezing one, pearl cultivate shelf, aquatic products apparatus series and daily case, soap cool shelf, vegetables case, industrial turnover case apparatus series;pvc self-extinguish foam board for vessel,PVC foam board for fishing,pvc foam floating ball,dobber,buoy series.PVC solid dobber series,abs deep water ocean fishing floating ball,pe breed aquatics series Our fishing case, ABS floater, PVC foam floater has got the quality product certificate that Ministry of Light Industry awarded separately, gold medal award that the national agriculture exposition awards, silver medal award that Zhejiang Province planned economy committee awards. The products marketing more than 20 domestic provinces and cities and Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, north Pacific Ocean etc.
¡¡¡¡Wenzhou Plastic Factory Co., Ltd. thanks the showing warm solicitude for and supporting in a more cost-effective manner of old and new customers sincerely, expecting to strengthen the friendship, maintain close ties sincerely, cooperate sincerely, common development, and accept all kinds of plastic products to process.